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Rack up extraordinary outcomes and redefine the future with our consulting services. With deep, functional expertise and a holistic approach to marketing and cash flow optimization strategies, we bring a multiplier effect to all areas within the organizational processes.

Fresh Thinking Business Consultants in France

We are the “psychiatrists” of the companies. We fix the issues every organization faces with managing cash flow and improving marketing strategies. We work with small and medium-sized businesses and suggest better ways of doing things to keep the bottom line healthy.

According to research conducted by Dun & Bradstreet, poor management and lack of knowledge are the reasons behind 90% of small business failures. Many small and medium-sized business owners face so many stresses and intense pressures as they have to juggle multiple roles all at once. As a result, they quickly run out of capacity and mental strength. We care about your mental health and the well-being of your business. Our ability to see the wood through the trees is a refreshing quality to bring to any business. We get under the skin of organizations and identify issues and weaknesses not previously identified.

Working with us can be a huge time-saver and a real asset to your company’s growth because we aim for the longevity and success of your business.

Profitable and Productive Marketing Services

Goal-oriented, effective marketing is the magic behind the company’s best days. We suggest insightful and realistic marketing ideas to implement in any company going through a rough spot. Our marketing services will help you manage risk and compliance and drive revenue.

Communication strategy

To avoid uncertainty and achieve successful outcomes, organizations need a strategic, proactive approach to communications. We help you address your most complex, business-critical issues with diverse communication and integrated disciplines. Our interdisciplinary experience will help you engage stakeholders and ensure that the right message reaches the right audience at the right time. Whether it is crisis communications, financial communications, transactions, corporate reputation management, we handle it all.


Search engine optimization and search engine advertising are integral to marketing success if you want to stay in the spotlight. We have experienced SEO professionals who can help you drive maximum conversions from your SEA campaigns and long-term benefits from actionable SEO strategies.

Growth Hacking

Take the next best step towards growth with HeavenSPot. We identify your core strengths and use data-driven tactics to achieve sustainable growth while considering your budget constraints. We are your proactive partner who works with you at every step on the road to exponential growth.

Get Assistance from Wordly-Wise People

Give smartness to your company’s cash flow with our invoicing support services. Our decentralized expert team will help you automate tasks related to invoices and the overall cash flow to improve the financial health of your business.

Outsourcing of invoicing

Achieve timely and accurate invoicing processes and clear the ever-increasing backlog of accounts receivable and accounts payable with us. Outsourcing invoices at HeavenSPot will give you a competitive edge and turn out to be the best decision for your business.

Management of unpaid invoices

Chasing payments for overdue invoices from clients can retrograde your energy. We will reduce the invoice follow-up stress without burning your relationships. Our support services will ensure sustainable revenue bottom lines so they won’t dent the growth process. We guarantee an automated follow-up, notably thanks to with accounts receivable software.

Optimized cash flow

If your team is struggling with account reconciliation, payable processing, cash flow forecasting, fraud management, or customer credit risks, we’ll handle all your financial errands. Our cash flow optimization services will cover the gaps between receivables and payables, reduce debit risks and keep your company profitable and remain in operation during uncertainties.


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