Coachella Music Festival

Over the course of our 5-year relationship, we created a technical infrastructure for Goldenvoice’s flagship festival, that integrated touch-points on the web, mobile devices, and festival grounds via a custom API, allowing festival-goers, organizers, and sponsors to interact fluidly before, during, and after the festival. Additionally, we designed and developed many of the user-facing touch points, including the website, accounts portal, on-site registration kiosks, and custom features of the mobile application.



The Task

Streamline a fragmented digital experience for the country’s most iconic music festival.

Brutal Simplicity Of Thought

Target Insight

The festival experience begins when the lineup is released online.

Brand Insight

The better the fan experience, the smoother the operations.

Powerful Truth

Stay connected.


Responsive web design allowed for seamless integration of the festival’s tech touch-points — from the users’ accounts, to the mobile app, and on the festival grounds.

Year One

  • Overhauled content, experience, creative, and technology
  • Created Coachella’s first responsive website
  • Integrated forum account system with festival planning features
  • Allowed users to activate wristbands through website
  • Webby Award Honoree

Year Two

  • Upgraded features and refreshed skin
  • Upgraded header animation to change based on time of day
  • Improved content management work flow
  • Diversified look and feel across touchpoints
  • Webby Award Honoree

Year Three

  • Implemented more cost effective digital solution across the Coachella & Stagecoach brands
  • Made website more responsive for mobile devices
  • Streamlined and prioritized content for users where possible
  • Launched new user account system with API for partner integration
  • Webby Award Honoree

Year Four

  • Refined within existing structure
  • Reskinned platform with ambitious new header animation
  • Updated page templates based on evolving needs of festival
  • Improved content management work flow
  • Created streamlined on-site activation solution

The Results

  • Connected web, mobile, and on-site touchpoints allowing users to manage their tickets seamlessly
  • Facilitated new sponsorship revenue driven by integration opportunities
  • Created a technical infrastructure that supports millions of hits and tens of thousands of users
  • New user design won Webby Award 3 years in a row

Converted 100% of festival-goers to digital ticket registration system resulting in a significant reduction in customer service costs