Season 8 of Archer was an interesting challenge. Since the show took on a completely new look and feel compared to previous seasons, we needed to convey a more serious, darker tone while still remaining true to the Archer identity that fans knew and loved. We went all-in on the detective-noir theme, creating assets  reminiscent of the 40’s, always making sure that the characters were the focus. We rolled out content in 3 phrases: pre-premiere, in-season, and post-premiere – each phase having a different set of objectives which helped guide the social content that we produced. The result was a beautiful social creative campaign that captured the essence of this fresh take on Archer.


Create captivating, sharable content that brings fans into the all new detective noir world of Archer


-Introduce fans to the reimagined characters, all new locations and era, and themes that this season had to offer

-Build fan buzz and excitement to create conversation leading up to the season’s premiere

3d countdowns

Animated countdown cards inspired by film noir title sequences


Animated videos, accompanied with music, that took you through the new streets of Archer, leading you to neon signs of popular fan favorite catchphrases from the show

Character reveal

Animated character cards that nod to the silhouette effects popularized by noir detective films


-Keep fan conversation and excitement around the show going week to week

-Highlight previous episodes while teasing the next


Various templates used to highlight funny or notable quotes from each week’s episode of the show

Episode teasers

Teasers that gave fans a glimpse of what’s to come, made in a film-noir intro style.


-Drive fans to rewatch their favorite season of Archer on FXNow

-Recap and highlight memorable moments from the show 

Reefer madness

Tune in cards inspired by the movie posters that were popularized in the late 30’s


CTA assets that prompted fans to download the Archer App. These assets worked with the app’s augmented reality feature, coming to life when fans pointed their cameras at the screen.