How do you create a dedicated community for a movie franchise?

With a new Predator film in theaters in 2018, 20th Century Fox wanted to create a dedicated mobile app for the Predator film franchise community. How did our partnership achieve this goal?


Predator needs a place to hunt. We created the ultimate jungle for Predator fans to play in. A social community app for iOS and Android, users could register a profile, post to a community forum and gain rank by earning skulls every time they interact with content on the app.


As users gained rank, they gained recognition within the community and unlocked custom rewards. Users could also redeem their skulls for downloadable content such as wallpapers, character cards and to send digital gifts to other users. We also highlighted artists and cosplayers in the app and on Predator’s social channels.


We created dozens unique Emojis for fans to add to their phone keyboard or use within the app forum and comments and messages. Throughout our year of managements we created personalized content for every film in the franchise and season in the calendar.


In order to keep fans coming back  daily we created  loads of Predator content to keep them engaged. We leveraged behind the scenes content and original creative to maintain a high volume of publishing without sacrificing quality.

The Rundown – Exclusive Web Series

We cast and created a pilot for an exclusive web series dedicated to the app and news about the upcoming film, The Predator. Fox green-lit a full 6 episode arc season of “The Rundown.”

The Rundown: Episode One

The Rundow: Episode 6 “WonderCon Special”

20,000 + Downloads

4.7 App Store Rating