We Help You Collect What’s Owed To You

On behalf of your company, we ensure cost-effective management of your unpaid invoices and prevent you from stressful follow-ups. We work as an extension of your accounts team and use the latest technology to send alerts to your clients for overdue payments without burning your relationships.

Your Unpaid Invoices Tamper Operational Efficiencies

Late payments can adversely impact the operational efficiencies of companies. When they don’t have a steady flow of funds coming in, they have to resort to measures like reducing future investment and annual bonuses; in some cases, they cut off staff pay. This could have a negative impact on staff morale and their productivity, which ultimately hammering the company’s growth. According to a survey, about 11.0% of all invoices are paid late to SMEs and about 7.5% of them are eventually written off as bad debt. Companies facing such financial uncertainty should promptly seek professional advice and avoid short-term cash problems. 

HeavenSpot has the expertise to assist SMEs preoccupied with cash flow problems which further limit their growth opportunities. We invest time and resources to collect outstanding payments and prioritize timely payments in the future so you can spend your time and energy on delivering exemplary services, and adding value to the customer experience. In return, we’ll just take a piece of the pie (no hidden costs) once your money is collected.  

Chasing Payments Immediately When Overdue

It can be a formidable task to manage multiple unpaid invoices from different clients. Chasing late payments creates an administrative burden to the company. We take the burden off of your shoulders, thus freeing up your time for more productive work. 

Effectively manage reminders and follow-ups

It’s okay to remind clients that the cash flow is as important for you as it is for them. The longer you wait for this delinquent debt, the harder it is to collect. We send emails when an invoice is early overdue and late overdue. After three days we send a follow-up email on overdue invoices in a professional manner.

Deal on your terms

We know that your clients are important to you so we try to maintain ethical and professional decorum. We thoroughly read your general terms and conditions and use the right wording consistently to every client when asking for overdue payments. 

Maintain a healthy relationship with late payers

If any of your clients are having difficulty paying an invoice for a particular month, we’ll discuss new payment terms instead of going for the legal avenue to maintain a healthy relationship. We suggest clearing the debt in installments by making a repayment timetable and asking them to sign it.

Secrecy of your accounts information

You can trust us with your account’s information as we keep them confidential as we do for our accounts. It’s always between you and us. We will sign a non-disclosure agreement before taking over your financial management. 

Real-time insights

We use invoicing management software that has dedicated dashboards to monitor all your information. In real-time, you can also see your current status – your overdue invoices, late payers, and total payables. We’ll also share monthly reporting of your cash flow so you can track the overall financial health.

Move Beyond Tedious Methods

Once a process has become ingrained in the company, it’s not easy to replace it. But due to rapid digitalization, it’s imperative for businesses to automate their processes. HeavenSpot will help you move beyond that old-school, tiresome invoice management process using dedicated software that eliminates the pain of dealing with overdue invoices. They’re cheaper, quicker, and more efficient than manual processing.