Barbie Life app

Heavenspot worked closely with Mattel to create the ultimate Barbie Life application. Users immerse themselves in Barbie’s world with her friends and family in their picturesque Malibu Dreamhouse.

  1. Heavenspot worked closely with Mattel to conceptualize, create and launch the Barbie Life application. The app lets users immerse themselves in Barbie’s world and share new adventures with friends and family from her picturesque Malibu Dreamhouse.
  2. The project was another step in supporting a new digital relaunch of the Barbie brand. Heavenspot focused on matching the content delivery and user experience to Mattel’s overall vision and forward-looking development.



  1. We turned the Barbie Life app into the ultimate hub for Barbie fans, collecting all the Barbie digital content and making it accessible from the app. This included the already popular “Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse” web series, downloadable full-length movies, eBooks and other Barbie apps.
  2. Heavenspot built a highly interactive “Dreambook” component, which engages users by creating themed collages using their own photos and decorating them with animated stickers, images and effects from Barbie’s world.
  3. By localizing the app in six different languages, Heavenspot helped Mattel by continuing to bring Barbie to the world and establishing the company as a strong global brand.


Downloads and Ratings
Downloads and Ratings
Barbie Life totaled well over 200,000 downloads in the first month after its launch with a 4.5 star rating on iTunes. The App has been featured in the iTunes Entertainment category in 11 countries, the most notable being the United Kingdom.
User Engagement
User Engagement
Barbie Life has an average daily number of 17,000 visitors that spend approximately 20 minutes in the app.
An Ongoing Partnership
An Ongoing Partnership
After launching the Barbie Life app, Heavenspot and Mattel immediately started to work on the application’s first update to add more content along with development for the Android platform.